Empire is an enterprise portal that unites advisors and clients.

What is Empire?

Empire is an enterprise portal that unites advisors and clients. It aggregates and organizes all client information across institutions, entities, and asset classes into a secure cloud-based platform. With both desktop and mobile apps, Empire empowers clients and advisors by providing detailed insight into assets, liabilities, investments, documents, estate planning, philanthropy, and everything in between.

Who uses it?

Family Offices

Business Managers

Wealth Advisors & RIAs


Accountants & CPAs

Attorneys & Estate Planners

Connecting Everyone & Everything

Track Everything

Multiple asset and liability classes, along with income and expenses

Visualize Everything

Consolidated view of your entire portfolio with robust reports

Attach Anything

Assets, Liabilities, Documents, Contacts, Calendar Dates, Notes, and more

Communicate with Everyone

Cloud-based platform facilitates communication and efficiency

Everything is Linked

Cloud-based platform facilitates communication and efficiency

Track Assets, Liabilities, & Investments

From watches to Warhols, REITs to retirement accounts: Track every asset, liability and investment in a portfolio.


Platinum Diamond Ring - 4.99 carats



Bank of America

15-year Fixed Mortga



49281 Juniper Drive, LLC

Commercial Real Estate



Interactive, Elegant Reporting

Within seconds, it’s possible to generate reports across any asset class, investment, entity, or individual. These reports can be downloaded, shared, or saved for future use.

In addition, these reports are linked to their respective items, making them highly interactive. Add or remove items or columns to create the perfect report for any situation.

Net Worth Report
Detailed Transaction Report
Asset Report
Trust & Entity Report

A Complete Financial Picture

Empire will quickly become the only app your clients use to view their account balances, the return on their business investments, and the value of their real estate assets.

We're working with Private Client Resources to import the value of complex investment data like private equity and hedge fund accounts. We're also working with Zenith Information Systems to provide users the ability to view their available cash, and approve payments.

Beyond that, Empire will expand to integrate new communication tools, additional security layers, performance monitoring, real estate management software and more.

More Features

Privacy control at your fingertips

  • Touch ID & 2-factor authentication
  • HIPAA-certified AWS server
  • Encrypted data, from end to end.
  • Monitored for irregularities in traffic

Empire allows for an array of privacy-settings that helps all trusted advisors work side by side on the information that is pertinent to them.

Easily implement security settings that gíve individuals and institutions access to the information that they need. The information contained within Empire is easily segmented and securely shared.

Mobile Focused

Empire goes where you go. Easily and quickly get an overview of total net worth, recent transactions, documents and contacts, and important upcoming dates. Information is interactive so you can drill down as needed.

Expand Your Brand

Empire is white-labeled to create a personalized information hub for all advisors and clients that expands their brand into the mobile-age.

Available on Desktop and Mobile

You’re on the go. Empire has native iOS and Android apps to let you manage your data wherever you may be.

Sound good? Let's get started.